Essential Mission




The mission of Essential Art is to provide social education through the arts.

My name is Michelle Finnegan and I am the founder of Essential Art.  Please click on my photo to learn more about me, the artist, my experience and philosophy and how Essential Art came to exist, as well as current events. All of the images you see on this site are original works of art created by me.

Since the beginning of time, humans have struggled to understand the Universe and our own place in it. We’ve scratched on caves or painted on canvas as attempts to communicate and record our thoughts. Although technology has provided us many new techniques and options, our concerns and questions, as reflected in our works of art, remain the same regardless of the centuries or cultures that separate us.

Essential Art is as much a part of the fabric of life itself as the air we breathe, the water we drink and the dreams we dream.  Essential Art should be a presence in every day life and it is meant to be shared.

Essential Art is a nonprofit that relies upon the sale of art  books and supplies in order  to donate funds and sponsor programs for organizations that promote education and community such as artistic organizations, environmental organizations, and children’s organizations. Visit the links found in this site and discover how we are changing lives and how you can help us make an impact today!

I encourage you to tell your friends, share your thoughts, or just simply remind people how special they are through artist expression and supporting arts. Help make a difference.  Become Essential!

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