Essential Literature

Hung Jury

The Winds of Freedom Blow

By: Michelle Finnegan


Hung Jury tells the story about Astraea, whose name was borrowed from
the Greek goddess of Truth. It is Atraea’s quest for truth, justice and
unconditional love in a world full of land mines, manipulative
individuals, growing concerns and dwindling hope. The environment is in
danger, but so are our civil liberties, and real human lives dues to a
population that is not focused, educated or willing to do the right
thing.Michelle Finnegan wrote Hung Jury in the 90′s.
Remember the 90′s? People were concerned that every industry would
cease to exist due to Y2K. OJ Simpson was in the news, so were the
Clintons. Well, it looks like everything is being recycled these days,
including OJ being in the news, the Clintons are back running for the
White House, and the high tech talk has reached heights never imagined
with computer chips in everything. Hung Jury is making it’s come back,
too.Pray for Help. Think for a change.

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Creating Freedom Rocks

By: Michelle Finnegan

Freedom rocks


Creating Freedom Rocks is the perfect bedtime story or a short uplifting story anytime of day! It was first presented by Michelle Finnegan in 2005 at Grace Place, a children’s community center, when Rev. Stephanie Campbell asked Michelle to speak to the children about what life was like as a working artist.The hand print on the last page is the foundation of the “I Am Essential” shirts that were used for the Essential Art Musicians and Friends fundraiser. Michelle organized it to benefit the Harry Chapin Food Bank after organizing a food and fund drive for St. Matthew’s House a week before Thanksgiving when she learned there were no turkeys or side dishes yet for about 1000 families that were expected for dinner. Since 2000, Michelle has been painting “The Prints of Freedom” by turning people’s hands into works of art that embody who a person is and what they do to celebrate their freedom. Michelle is thankful to family and others who volunteered to serve our country. Proceeds from this book will help fund the Alyce Nash Memorial Scholarship in honor of a WWII veteran who studied art after the war and became the founding curator of the Naples Philharmonic and Naples Museum of Art.

The Prints of Freedom

Art Book By: Michelle Finnegan




The Prints of Freedom Collection is a compilations of about eight years worth of paintings Michelle Finnegan created by turning individual hands into works of art. Each person’s hand, or finger was printed and served as the foundation of an origianl painting that embodies who the people are, what they represent and what they do with their freedom. Michelle Finnegan has painted the hands of children and adults from NY to LA, FL to Canada to raise awareness of charitable endeavors and underscore the importance of individuals doing their best to be good citizens and work together to strengthen our communities, locally and internationally..

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